Do what is right, not what is easy.

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So, I did my taxes for the first time on my own this year. I ended up screwing them up. Standard. I ended up having to pay back $100 dollars of the tax return I received. I stressed and stressed about this for weeks and ended up paying someone $80 to fix them for me and sent the amended taxes and the $100 dollar difference in. Three weeks later I get a letter in the mail from the IRS. (I don’t care who you are, nobody wants to come home and see a letter from the IRS). I opened it, and they explained that they had fixed my taxes and noticed a shortage of $100 dollars. They told me that since it was such a small amount that I didn’t have to worry about paying the difference. Sigh. So, not only did I waste my $80 dollars and my sanity because they fixed it for me, but I also got to kiss that $100 good bye.

This has been a story that has no point other than to hear me complain. Thursday ramblings.