This is the IT guy from corporate that I just had the pleasure of dealing with. My computer just had a little issue opening a Powerpoint document from our company’s intranet. So I let him work on my computer remotely (since he is down at the corporate office) while I went off to go interview someone. I came back to no IT guy and every Microsoft product was deleted from my computer… Happy Tuesday to me!

Side note: I also just noticed I had a coffee stain on the front of my shirt throughout the entire interview. So that’s rad.

A day in the life

  • Me: We are not watching golf on TV.
  • The Boy: Yes, we are. You just made me go to the craft store, and told me it would only take 10 minutes.
  • Me: Okay, you can watch golf for as long as we were actually in the craft store.
  • The Boy: I get extra time. Since it was three times the amount of time you told me we were going to be there, I get three times this amount.
  • Me: No.